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Xtranet is a new range of Business Class Broadband solutions for landlords and their agents and has been designed with your tenants in mind; from the small business office that needs to download files fast, right the way through to the large call-centre operation using cloud based applications.

LandlordWith Xtranet, 50M/bps Internet is the new benchmark. But high quality business internet services require more than fast headline speeds; they require symmetrical speeds for synchronous applications such as voice, video and high-speed cloud-based services. Such circuits are normally premium priced, but that is no longer the case! Xtranet is delivered to your properties on high-capacity fibre and/or radio bearers, and shared amongst your tenants according to their precise requirements. The benefits of scale allow us to deliver premium quality solutions at economic prices. Xtranet is flexible and provides a range of options to suit all needs which can be modified and changed as and when required with just the push of a button!
XTRANET IS THE FOURTH UTILITY! The benefit of Xtranet to the landlord, is that by offering Internet access on-demand – the same way as you offer heating and running water and electricity on demand - you are creating an added value proposition putting you ahead of competition and turning interested parties into tenants in greater numbers and with greater speed.

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BUSINESSXtranet Superfast Broadband


MORE THAN JUST SUPERFAST BROADBAND, Xtranet is designed with businesses in mind and optimised for business applications.

By providing high-speed symmetrical service – you get the same bandwidth to upload as you do to download, thus allowing applications like voice and video-conferencing to function with the highest quality

By managing traffic to prioritise packets that need to arrive on-time and in the right order - It doesn’t matter that a web site starts to load from the bottom left rather than the top right, but it does matter that the order and speed of voice traffic packets, for example, arrive in the correct, timely, order.

Because we focus on multi-occupancy environments, we are able to deliver Business Class Broadband at outstanding value for money. The service we deliver can cost many £100’s when delivered on a one-to-one basis

Xtranet’s mission is to enable businesses to harness the power of the cloud. “Every enterprise, for or not for profit, large or small, high or lo-tech, will be transformed by Cloud Computing.” The benefits of Cloud Computing are multiifold and have the potential to transform a businesses prospects, delivering flexibility, disaster recovery, software assurance, opex over capex, increased collaboration, greater security, enhanced competitiveness and even a better environmental footprint!

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